Jonne Järvelä, the driving force behind the Folk Metal band, Korpiklaani, has released his sophomore album, Kallohonka, on the 28 April 2017.


Listen to the album:


The new album Kallohonka is based on eternal tunes and stories about the returning to foregone-
roots. Where the first self-entitled album was a raw and stripped interpretation of shamanistic folk music, Kallohonka moves the band into more World Music. Combining authentic influences from Native American, Sámi and Finnish folk traditions, using a variety of folk music instruments, such as mandolin, kantele, fiddle, accordion and flute.

The first single of the album, "Vieras", was the first song in which Jonne Järvelä has used a musical instrument from the Baltic psaltery family - Finnish Kantele.

A video for the song "Pimeä On Oksan Taitto" has been released.



The song is a mysterious journey in the troll-occupied fantasy world, and it's the theme song

of the upcoming Finnish fantasy/horror movie Backwood Madness (October 2017). The video,

same as the movie, is directed by Ari Savosen, and it includes clips from Backwood Madness.


Jonne is:

Jonne Järvelä : Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Violafon, Hurdy Gurdy, Mandolin, Kantele & Percussion.

Natalie Koskinen : Vocals (Shape of Despair)

Yovan Nagwetch : Vocals, Flutes and Percussion (Wabanag)

Eero Haula : Vocals (Oceanwake)

Santeri Kallio : Keyboards (Amorphis)

Jan Rechberger : Drums & Percussion (Amorphis)

Pinja Lintonen : Fiddles (Cheek)

Toni Perttula : Accordion (live session from Korpiklaani)

Jussi Rauto : Acoustic Guitars (Lovijatar, Battlelore)

Matti Karjalainen: Upright Bass